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trigene advance invitro2At the heart of the all-new TriGene Advance formula are the micro-emulsion particles (Nano particles) that enable the active ingredient molecules in the product to be carried rapidly through cell walls of micro-organisms.

Rapid penetration of cell walls by the powerful TriGene Advance disinfectant constituents ensures cell death is equally rapid. TriGene Advance works up to 70% quicker than conventional high level disinfectants and achieves apoptosis (cell death) rather than merely suspending activity as with conventional disinfectant products.

Because the Nano Particles can enter areas like microscopic fissures and crevices in hard surfaces, which have not hitherto been penetrable by conventional carrier systems, disinfectant actives are able to spread across a complete surface area, to perform a far more thorough anti pathogenic cleansing task than was previously possible.

The synergistic blend of TriGene Advance active ingredients produces the fastest acting and most efficient anti viral and sporicidal agent presently available in non-oxidising disinfectant technology.

Health and safety issues and product compatibility are of real importance to everyone. EA International encourages all users of chemical products to pay special attention to the advisory statements within Material Safety Data Sheets and on product labelling.